Soil Production Facts

Soil Production Facts

Chesterfield FARMS is a manufacturer and producer of growing media.  Since 2004, we have produced soils for hundreds of growing applications throughout the Baltimore/Washington D.C./Northern Virginia/ Pennsylvania area.  Our products have been widely accepted by municipal governments, the Maryland State Highway Administration, the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, the United States Federal Government and the United States National Park Service.  Our Soils are utilized in an array of plantings, green roofs, over-structure applications, structural soil applications and for bio-retention for storm water quality.  Chesterfield FARMS has manufactured, produced and sold over a half a million tons of soil.


All soils manufactured and produced by Soils etc… are blended so the finished product is of the utmost quality.  Our horticultural topsoil is blended from different textured topsoil from various locations.  This process allows the sand, silt, clay and organic matter content to be in a ratio that makes it conducive to vigorous plant growth.


The soils used in the blending process are inspected and screened.  If necessary, the materials are tested prior to our acceptance and are defiantly tested before blending.  Soil testing for finished product quality is performed on a continual basis by an independent laboratory certified and recognized by the jurisdictions we serve.  Some in house tests are also performed on a regular basis.  Testing is performed based on the volume of the material manufactured and sold.


Other blended growing medias are produced using various ingredients such as clay, silt, sand compost, hardwood mulch, lightweight aggregates pine fines and/or bark, Perlite, Stalite, Hydrocks, topsoil and vermiculite.  The ingredient ratios and particle size is determined by a landscape architect to best meet the criteria of the application and environment.